Our Events


Last year, about 1 Mio refugees arrived in Germany (especially Munich) Hack and Help tries to connect all the motivated (but distributed) organisers and helpers from the city with our local tech community. The meetup includes regular hackathons, project meetings and speakers. Learn more about our events in Munich: http://hacknhelp.org/ and Harvard: http://refugedu.com/

Deep Learning in Action

We are pioneers in bringing deep learning and artificial intelligence to the general public. Our events in Munich consists of rockstar speakers, great sponsors and motivated teamers. Last year, we were able to attract over 1000 participants. Learn more about it here: http://munichacm.de/deeplearning/


We have regular meetings and get-togethers each month where we discuss exciting ideas while drinking a beer (or two), traveling to CS conferences, visiting companies or beating each other at video games, etc.

Tech Talks

The idea is simple — smart people sharing their cool CS hacks, research, and tech demos with the Munich's CS community. We invite ACM's Distinguished Speakers, Technology Leaders and Innovators from Munich and our CS Students to to give us a quick preview into something cool that they're working on, much like a TED Talk.

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